It is a part of the human experience that everything changes. We grow and we change as people. We don’t hold the same views as we did when we were kids and our outlook on life changes even during adulthood.

Why does it seem so scary when outside influences change? I’m not talking about the life-changing stuff here such as bereavements, serious illness/injury and so on, no, I’m talking more about having a government come to power who you didn’t vote for, the economy getting trashed and more pertinently at the time of writing this – COVID!

Many people are going to find that once furlough has ended, then there is not going to be a job to go back to. It is incumbent on us as adults to grab our lives by the scruff of the neck and make a difference for ourselves and that of our family.

I worry that with all of these welcomed government hand-outs, that some are going to become too reliant upon the extra help that can NOT continue for ever.

There are many great home based businesses here in the UK, but I firmly believe that THIS business – AVON… is a fantastic opportunity for anybody who is facing uncertainty in their work-life, as it’s you are partnering with a brand name that EVERYONE has heard of. Why would you make your life more complicated?
They key thing with any new venture, is that you have to start TODAY! Don’t leave it until next week, next month, or next year. Get started – build up as soon as possible so that you have a safety net in place in the event that your life takes an unexpected twist.

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