Avon Rockstars

Avon RockstarsAvon Rockstars is the name that I picked when I started my business in 2016.
I have been blessed to have spent most of my working life in the music business. I sometimes have to pinch myself when I think about how lucky I have been! I’ve travelled all around the World, played some amazing gigs infront of thousands of people and recorded in some of the Worlds top studio’s.
Although I have had a lot of fun and have some amazing stories, unless you are at the very top, the music business is not a great way of bringing in a regular income.
After my (then) 4 year old son contracted a life-threatening illness in 2012 and spent almost a year a Great Ormond Street Hospital, I decided that it was time to spend less time on the road and provide a regular income for my family.
Not having gone on to further education, it was not easy to get a decent job, so in 2016 I took the decision to do a Degree and thanks to my great friends Howard and Jane, they showed me a way that I might be able to bring in some finances with Avon as I was studying.
Anyone that has done a degree knows that there is a lot of work involved and yet I still managed to retail Avon (in my case, via the Online Store) and also growing a team.